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Creating a Current Boosting Switch Circuit using Transistor

2015-10-17 04:26  
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The basic structure tocreate a current boosting switch using an NPN transistoris shown in this circuit diagram. Current boosterstransistor switching circuitare needed to step up the current to an adequate level needed by the high current and high voltage circuits.

The following article will demonstrate ways to uses transistors as current boosting switches. You will find informations related to microprocessors and IC’s with the transistors, saturating the right transistor (step-by-step process to choosing the right transistor), and simulation examples. Thus, this article offers tools and techniques to boost the current while maintaining the functionality of circuit system.

Completed description onCreating a Current Boosting Switch Circuit using Transistorcan be found in this semiconductor article of pdf filetype (source: egr.msu.edu).