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How to build Relay Timer switch

2015-10-11 04:43  
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In Fig.1 see a 100 second delayed turn ON relay RL1 switch, if plug power 12V in circuit. In Fig.2 see a two range 6-60 second and 1-10 minute auto turn off relay timer circuit, with 555.

Circuit diagram

Circuit diagram

Part List

R1=1 MohmsR2=330 KohmsR3=680 ohmsR4=2.2 KohmsR5-7=4.7 KohmsR6=47 KohmsR8-9=22 KohmsC4=100nF 63VC1-2=100uF 16VC3=1000uF 16VD1=1N4148D2-3-4=1N4001Q1=BC214IC1=LM741IC2=LM555RV1=470 Kohms pot.RL1-2=12V >120 ohms RelayS1-2=Push button n.oS3=2X2 switch

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