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IN4148 Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching DIODE Application

2015-09-01 15:52  
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IN4148 is a silicon epitaxial planar switching diode. The reverse voltage is 75V.

IN4148 Features

(1) Small glass structure ensures high reliability

(2) Fast switching

(3) Low leakage

(4) High temperature soldering guaranteed: 250oC/10S/9.5mm lead length at 5 lbs tension


IN4148 application circuit

IN4148 Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching DIODE


Circuit uses two transistor triplets in output stage, with quiescent current set at 15 mA by Tr7 which serves as constant-current source. For small signals, Tr1 and Tr4 can be regarded as long-tailed pair without tail. For positive signals, Tr1-Tr4 become active and behave as super emitter-follower, while Tr1 with Tr4-Tr6 serve for negative signals. One advantage of circuit is low output impedance.-N. M. Visch, A Novel Glass B Output, Wireless World, April 1975, p 166.

IN4148 application circuit

IN4148 application circuit