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Introduction to the sound operation switch circuit diagram

2015-09-11 19:26  
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This article is the summary of sound operation switch circuit diagram. Do you have any idea on the circuit and opinions, welcome to contact us. At the same time also hope that this article is helpful to you. The voice of this sensitive switch can use a dynamic microphone insert above, or for an electret microphone (ECM). If you use the ECM and R1 (as shown dotted) need to be included. An appropriate value will be 2.2 k, 10 kohms. The two transitors BC109C form a preamplifier, audio gain control of 10 k presets. ? The output is further amplified by a BC182B  transistors. In order to prevent the instability decoupling of the preamplifier is to use 100 u capacitor and 1 k resistor. Audio voltage in the collector of BC182B consists of two 1 n4148 rectifier diode and 4.7 u capacitor. The dc voltage will direct drive BC212B transistor and relay operation and leadership. 



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