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L5973D 2.5A Switch Step Down Switching Regulator

2015-09-10 12:34  
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The L5973D is a step down monolithic power switching regulator with a minimum switch current limit of 2.5 A so it is able to deliver more than 2 A

DC current to the load depending on the application conditions.

The output voltage can be set from 1.235 V to 35 V. The high current level is also achieved thanks to an SO8 package with exposed frame, that allows to reduce the Rth(j-amb) down to approximately 40 °C/W.

The device uses an internal P-channel D-MOS transistor (with a typical Rdson of 250 mΩ) as switching element to minimize the size of the external components. An internal oscillator fixes the switching frequency at 250 kHz.

Having a minimum input voltage of 4 V only, The L5973D is particularly suitable for 5 V bus, available in all computer related applications. Pulse by pulse current limit with the internal frequency modulation offers an effective constant current short circuit protection.

L5973D Pin connection (top view)



L5973D Test application circuit

L5973D Applications

 * Consumer: STB, DVD, TV, VCR, car radio, LCD monitors* Networking: XDSL, modems, DC-DC modules* Computer: printers, audio/graphic cards, optical storage, hard disk drive* Industrial: changers, car battery, DC-DC converters