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LA7016 - Electronic Switch IC

2015-09-28 04:40  
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The  LA7016  is Japan's Sanyo produced a single two electronic switch integrated circuits, is a common, signal switching with the TV audio, music center and sound system. 1 LA7016 within the circuit block diagram and pin functions LA7016 Manifold pinout diagram as shown.
LA7016 circuit block diagram
The IC is available in 8-pin single in-line package. The IC's pin function as follows. ① feet - Operating power supply voltage input. (2) feet - the first channel audio signal input. (3) feet - electronic switching circuit control signal input. The ④ feet - the road or second channel audio signal after the switch output. ⑤ feet - ground terminal. ⑥ feet - empty pin. ⑥ feet - empty pin. ⑦ feet - the second channel audio signal input. ⑧ feet - empty pin. Troubleshooting tips LA7016 IC electronic switch to select the first channel audio signal or the second channel audio signal, mainly its ③ feet of the control level is high or low to determine. Indirectly to the the LA7016 ① feet and ⑤ feet on the 12V voltage ③ foot plus high of ② pin voltage is 4.1 V, the ⑦ pin voltage is 5.8 V, The ④ feet level unchanged; to ③ feet plus low ② pin voltage is 4.2 V-the ⑦ pin voltage of 6 V, ④ pin voltage is constant. In the actual circuit, such as ③ pin control voltage unchanged, compared with the control system failure. Are subject to change and the signal can not switch ②, ⑦ pin input signal is normal, compared with IC damage.