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Open Pushbutton Lamp Switching Circuit

2015-09-06 04:49  
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Building a switched lamp circuit presents a simple electronics construction project that lets you explore the use of a simple on/off switch to control a lamp.A normally open pushbutton switch (SI) delivers a positive input pulse to pin 4 of Ul, triggering the 1C into action.The output of Ul at pin 6 supplies base-drive current to a Darlington pair comprised of Q1 and Q2, activating .10- capacitor and any resistor value of from 1 to 10 can be used as the timing components.To use the circuit on an auto`s headlights, connect the relay`s normally open contacts across the car`s headlight switch and press SI to extend the on time.In connecting the circuit to control an ac-operated lamp, turn off the ac power and connect the relay contacts in parallel with the lamp`s power switch contacts.A lamp is provided with a three-way switch connected by three wires through a cord to three prongs of a plug received within the receptacle in contact with the switch leads. In either operative position of the wall-switch or the lamp switch, a series circuit can be established or broken to a source of electrical power by repositioning the switch element of the other.

Lamp-Switching Circuit Circuit