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Philips 2N2222 NPN Switching Transistors Datasheet and Circu

2015-09-12 20:30  
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Below is the schematic of2N2222 NPN Switching Transistors test circuit for switching timespurpose. This device has 2N2907A as the PNP complement. With high current reach max 800mA and 40V maximum voltage (low voltage),2N2222can be used in applications such linear amplification and switching purposes.

Philips 2N2222 Test circuit for switching times.

The switching times are between 10% and 90% levels. Here is the value: Vi = 9.5 V; T = 500 ms; tp = 10 μs; tr = tf ? 3 ns, R1 = 68 ohm; R2 = 325 ohm; RB = 325 ohm; RC = 160 ohm, VBB = -3.5 V; VCC = 29.5 V, Oscilloscope input impedance Zi = 50 ohm. Complete read aboutPhilips 2N2222 NPN Switching Transistors Circuit for Switching Timescan be found here in the 2N2222 Datasheet (source: philips semiconductors).