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Rotary electronic switch

2015-09-29 12:15  
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Rotary switches electronic circuits, using a single switch choose a function of external control circuit has 9 positions.Work was, when the switch S1, the output signal from pin 2 of IC1, a “high” at all, and the pulse signal to IC2, the output at pin 3 is “high” as well. When you press the switch again and the output pin 3 is “low” is output at pin 2 is “high”. The switch of the output “high” to sort it out. The output at pin 11 and pin 3 to start again.

Rotary electronic switch

The output is “high” the output of IC2, can be used for external control, such as volume control circuit, a different function, or control circuit is closed – the lights, etc.Or in combination with IC 4066, which is the analog switch.I need to read the manual first, it is easy to use one circuit.
The resistors R1 and C1, the delay after pressing the switch S1,To a recognition that each of the switch, the switch only once, actually,.As a single pulse, entering the circuit, and the IC3a IC3b, a reset signal to IC1 and IC2.

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