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Switching Injector Application Driver Circuit using LM1949

2015-09-24 22:09  
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An LM1949 function modification as a switcher can be seen in the following circuit diagram. This injector drive controller has an excellent control of fuel injector drive circuitry in automotive applications system, according to the datasheet. LM1949 used to be applied in aplications such as throttle body injection, solenoid controls, DC motor drives, air and fluid valves.

fuel injector driver circuit diagram

The circuit only need two external resistors (Ra and Rb) to be added in order to modify this IC to be functioned as a switcher. Zener diode connection, the ammount of ripple on the hold current, zener voltage calculation, the power disipation of zener can also be seen in the datasheet.

This switching circuit is not recommended since it may result a tremendous radio frequency interference (RFI). Find why this Switching Injector Application Driver Circuit is not recommended in this LM1949 datasheet (source: national.com)