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The LM2575 Switching Regulator Pin Functions and Datasheet

2015-10-04 18:33  
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The following table shows the pin function descriptions of this LM2575 ‘buck converter’. The LM2575s known to belm2575 circuit and datasheetmonolitic IC designed for a step down switching regulator. LM2575 used to be applied in applications for such Power Supply for Battery Chargers, Simple High-Efficiency Step-Down(Buck) Regulator, Pre-Regulator for Linear Regulators and more.

And here areThe LM2575 Pinout and Function Description:
1. Vin : the positive input supply for the LM2575 step–down switching
2. Output : the emitter of the internal switch
3. Gnd : Circuit ground pin
4. Feedback : senses regulated output voltage to complete the feedback loop
5. ON/OFF : allows the switching regulator circuit to be shut down using logic level

Get and download detailed ofLM2575 Switching Regulator Pin Functions Descriptionin the LM2575 datasheet (source: htckorea.co.kr).