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The MC34063A Inverting Switching Regulators Series Datasheet

2015-10-06 01:07  
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If you need to design a Step-Up, Step-Down and Voltage-Inverting applications with a minimum number of externalMC34063A Step Up Converter Schematic.components, you may considerThe MC34063A Inverting Switching Regulators Seriessince this device are specifically designed to be incorporated with those purposes. The circuit diagram below is one of MC34063A DC-to-DC Converter Control Circuit which perform Step–Up Converter schematic (click to enlarge).

As stated in the datasheet, The MC34063A operates from 3V to 40V input voltage and consist of a monolithic control circuit containing the primary functions required forDC–to–DC converters. It has low standby current, current limiting, up to 1.5A of output switch current, an output voltage adjustable, and up to 100kHz of frquency operation in its features.


You will see another MC34063A circuitdiagrams within the datasheet such as Chip Diagrams & Pads Coordinates, Step-Down Converter Schematic, and Voltage Inverting Converter Schematic. Complete read ofThe MC34063A Inverting Switching Regulators Series and Circuit Diagramscan be found in The MC34063A datasheet (source: onsemi.com).