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Variable voltage 0-25V 10A Switching Regulator by L4970

2015-09-17 14:20  
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Today a friend contacts with to come to request seek 10A power supply switching Regulator circuit please take easy structure economize with.I to try seek see meet that integrated number circuit L4970A – 10A SWITCHING REGULATOR very interesting. Then beg for take the circuit gives friends in the website sees with pillar detail of integrated number this circuit.
The L4970A is a 10A monolithic stepdown switching regulatorworking in continuousmode realized in the new BCD Technology. This technology allows the integration of isolated vertical DMOS power transistors plusmixedCMOS/Bipolar transistors.
The device can deliver 10A at an output voltage adjustable from 5.1V to 40V, and contains diagnostic and control functions that make it particularly suitable for microprocessor based systems.

When friends want Variable power supply Switching Regulator Circuit. I thinks this circuit may like friends certainly. It can Adjustable from 0V to 25V at current 10A. By have the prominent point again be the small-sized. Because of use integrated readymade circuit. Decrease the heat has of plentiful follow circuit picture. It uses , IC – L4970 , by use , VR-10K , fine decorate voltage follow want. The LED for show the circuit. A friend should use transformer 10A sizes and are high class ,volt 28VAC and 8VAC with. The capacitors should durable voltage about 50V. Other hardware a friend pleases to see in the circuit yes.

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