Acoustic Thermometry Measures Temperature To 0.1 Degree

2016-01-26 07:07  
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Start Clock Launches Acoustic Pulse into Measurement Path, Sets Width Decode Flip-Flop High. Acoustic Paths Return Pulse, Amplified by Receiver, Trips Trigger, Resetting Flip-Flop. Resultant “Q” Width Output, Representing Path’s Temperature Dependent Transit Time, is Converted to Temperature Reading by Microprocessor. Gating High Voltage Supply and Trigger Prevents Spurious Outputs Start Pulse Generator is Comprised of 100Hz Clock, One-Shot Multivibrators and Q1-Q2 Driver Stage. A ≈ 20,000 Receiver Amplifier Splits Gain Among Three Stages, Biases Trigger Comparator. Flip-Flop Output Width Feeds Microprocessor Which Calculates and Displays Temperature. Capacitive Coupling Isolates High Voltage DC Transducer Bias, Diode Clamping Prevents Destructive Overloads. Switching Regulator Controls High Voltage Via Cascode. Gating Obviates Switching Regulator Noise Originated Interference, Minimizes External Sonic Corruption

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