Cable LAN Tester Circuit

2016-01-21 00:19  
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Here iscable LAN testercircuit. Thecable LAN testercircuit can also to test cable on telephone, coaxial cable, Lan cable and other. Thiscable LAN testercircuit using led for main indicator device. This simple cable LAN tester circuit, can be make in home. Designed initially for my intercom, but can be used with alarm wiring, CAT 5 cables and more. As the 4017 has limited driving capabilities, then each output is buffered by a 4050. This provides sufficient current boost for long cables and the transmitter and receiver LED's. The receiver is simply 8 LED's with a common wire…read on. The cable LAN tester circuit comprises transmitter and receiver, the cable under test linking the two. The transmitter is nothing more than a "LED chaser" the 4011 IC is wired as astable and clocks a 4017 decade counter divider. The 4017 is arranged so that on the 9th pulse,the count is reset. Each LED will light sequentially from LED 1 to LED 8 then back to LED 1 etc. Note also that as the CMOS 4050 is only a hex buffer, you need 8 gates so two 4050′s are required, the unused inputs are connected to ground (battery negative terminal). Please note that for clarity this cable LAN tester?circuit has been drawn without showing power supplies to the CMOS 4011 and CMOS 4050 IC’s. The positive battery terminal connects to Pin 14 of each IC and negative to Pin 7. The CMOS 4017 uses Pin 16 and Pin 8 respectively. Here is a schematic cable LAN tester circuit:


Cable LAN Tester Circuit using CMOS 400x224 Cable LAN Tester Circuit


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