DS2438 used for measuring traction battery packs circuit

2016-01-25 10:12  
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DS2438 used for measuring traction battery packs circuit
Traction battery packs test chip produced by America Dallas company has rich function, and itis convenient to achieve monitoring the running state of electric motor car’s traction battery packs. DS2438 can beused for monitoring of various kinds of traction battery packs. The utility power used in electric motor car is traction battery packs composed of multiple power battery connecyed in series, parallel. The performance of each power battery directly affectsthe characteristic of whole traction battery packs. So in practical application, we should make on-line real-time detection to each power battery. And each power battery should connectwith a piece of DS2438, and their data terminal can be articulated to a bus. The power supply source of DS2438 can come from tested power battery itself. The potential of DS2438 signal end DQ is to the ground of this DS2438. The potential of reference ground is different, so it must cause the difference of potential of DS2438 signal end DQ inthe same reference point. It is shown in the diagram.

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