Intersil ICL7106 Typical Applications, Test Circuits and Dat

2016-01-23 16:19  
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Here is the picture ofICL7106 Typical application and Test Circuits in the ICL7106 Datasheet. This device was the first ICICL7106 test circuit and typical applications schematiccontain all the active circuitry for a 3 1/2 digit panel meter (DPM) in a single chip and is designed to interface with a liquid crystal display (LCD).

The ICL7106 features1pA typical input current, low power dissipation wth typically less than 10mW, enhanced display stability, excellent noise limiting characteristics (less than 15uVp.p), on chip clock and reference, enable a high performance panel meter to be built with the addition of only 10 pasive components and a display, etc.

The value of components in the ICL7106 test circuit and typical applications schematicare C1=0.1uF, C2=0.47uF, C3=0.22uF, C4=100pF, C5=0.02uF, R1=24kOhms, R2=47kOhms, R3=100kOhms, R4=1kOhms, and R5=1MOhms. See the Intersil ICL7106 Datasheet to know more aboutICL7106 Typical Applications and Test Circuits(source: