Network RJ45 Cable Tester circuit

2016-01-22 08:50  
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This is a multifunction RJ45 network cable tester. It is the design of the network cable (RJ45) test, and telephone (RJ11). It is cheap and easy to use. It works for network, telephone, cable with RJ45 half “Registered Jack” plug immediately indicate whether a crossover network cable or straight, flashing a yellow or green LED. If something is broken or if you press the button, the tester is in line with the wire test.
How does the network cable tester circuit work?

The top RJ45 connector sends signals to each of its eight legs. The lower RJ45 connector receives signals from the top RJ45 connector created by the wire.

When the red LED above the orange light LED bar shows the pins in the top RJ45 connector sends a test signal, and when the bottom of the red LED illuminates orange LED bar indicates which of the eight dioceses of the bottom RJ45 connector signal receives in this state where the wire is broken or not connected, none of LEDs in the LED bar will light up orange.

If a short circuit between two or more wires, more than an orange LED lights up when the bottom red LED lights. Each time the button is the active output pin.

RJ45 Cable Tester Specifications

For network cable (RJ45) and telephone (RJ11) tests.Similar test can double-twisted cables 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and Ground, meanwhile, can judge wrong connection, short circuit and open circuit.ON / OFF button.With four LED indicator.Composing the master and remote two tests that can take a role in the testing easier.Power by 9V battery.Compact, durable design with a black plastic bag with zipper for storage.Cable RJ45 network and RJ11 phone port


RJ45 Network Cable Tester Circuit Schematic

network rj45 cable tester circuit

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