Reflex Tester Circuit

2016-01-26 12:37  
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Testing human reaction speed is not only a fun way of spending time, but also allows the drawing of conclusions, for example on the skills of a momentary driver. When the contact closes the power button, the astabil multivibrator built with IC1 produces pulses that are applied to counter IC3. D1 …. D10 LEDs light up sequentially in a chained fast.

Once the person tested acts stop button S2 the astabil multivibrator is blocked, the last ordered with decoder IC4 LED lights next. If frequency of the astabil multivibrator with P1 is adjusted so that the numerator, for example, receives a pulse every 10 seconds, then the reaction time can be read easily. The test can be repeated after drive reset button (S3). Reflex tester circuit absorbs about 120 mA current, supply voltage (5V) must be stabilized. Frequency can be adjusted to the astabil multivibrator with P1 between 10 Hz and 80 Hz.

Reflex Test Circuit Diagram

reflex tester circuit diagram

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