Silicon with Afterburners ? The Latest Technology that Will

2016-01-30 01:15  
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Silicon is one of the most important substances in the electronic, electrical and computer niches. Without the silicon, many electronic components can be hardly existed at all!

By the way, a group of scientists at Rice University and North Carolina State University has discovered a new method. They found out that it’s possible to attach molecules to semiconducting silicon, as it helps manufacturers reach beyond the current limits of Moore’s Law.

Silicon with Afterburners

James Tour, Rice’s Chao Professor of Chemistry and professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and of computer science described that the biggest challenge is to get past the limits of doping.

Doping is regarding as an essential process to create the silicon substrate. Normally, doping method is applied at the heart of all modern integrated circuits.

In addition, doping introduces impurities into pure crystalline silicon. It acts as a tuner and tuning microscopic circuits to a particular need.

When the silicon becomes extremely small into the nanoscale, you get structures that essentially have very little volume. Tour said the problem could be easily solved, when we’re attaching molecules to the surface of the silicon, rather than mixing them up!

Tour mentioned that this research is nearly in the final stage, and it would be available to be used in the market very soon…[sciencedaily]

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