TDA2007A Stereo Test Circuit PCB and Components Layout

2016-01-29 18:12  
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For previous post about 12 W Bridge Amplifier using TDA2007A, below we provide you with the PCB and components layout of the circuit diagram. the illustration can be seen as shown below.

 12W Amplifier PCB Layout

According to the TDA 2007 A datasheet, the recommended values of the components of the application circuit are: R1 and R3 1.3 KOhm, R2 and R4 are 18 Ohm (R1R2R3R4 are for close loop gain setting), R5 and R6 are 1 Ohm (for frequency stability), C1 and C2 2.2 mF (input DC decoupling), C3 22mF (for ripple injection), C6 and C7 220 mF (for feedback input DC decoupling), C8 and C9 0.1 mF (frequency stability).