TDA7360 Stereo Test and Application Circuit Diagram and Data

2016-01-24 01:54  
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Car radio application using class AB Audio Power Amplifier usually has TDA7360 inside it. It is a22W bridge or stereo audio ampwith features such as minimum external components, high output power, fixed gain, clipping detector and etc.

stereo test and application circuit

TDA7360 stereo test

Above circuit diagram shows thisTDA7360 stereo test and application circuit schematic. Value recommendation of each external components of this circuit can be described as follows:1. C1 for input decoupling (CH1) is 0.22 uF2. C2 for input decoupling (CH2)3is 0.22 uF3. C3 for supply voltage rejection filtering capacitor.4. C4 for 22uF standby ON/OFF delay5. C5 minimal 220uF for standby-pass6. 100 nF for C6 with its ability to supply by-pass7. 2200 uF for the C7 of Output decoupling CH2

The TDA7360?bridge/stereo audio amplifier datasheet in pdf filetype may give you complete explanation.