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1 transistor treasure locator circuit

2016-05-06 23:32  
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Locator uses a transistor radio as the de-tector. With the radio tuned to a weak station, adjust Cl so the locator oscillator beats against the received signal. When the search head pas??ses over metal, the inductance of LI changes thereby changing the locator oscillator's fre??quency and changing the beat tone in the radio. The search coil consists of 18 turns of #22 enameled wire scramble wound on a 4-in. diameter form. After the coil is wound and checked for proper operation, saturate the coil with RTV adhesive for stable operation of the locator.
1 transistor treasure locator circuit

PARTS LIST : B1 a€” 9-Vdc transistor battery C1 a€”365-pF trimmer or variable capacitor C2a€”-100-pF, 100-V silver mica capacitor C3a€”0.05-/i.F, disc capacitor C4a€”4.7- or 5-^F, 12-V electrolytic capacitor L1a€”Search coil consisting of 18 turns of #22 enamel wirescramble wound on 4-in. diameter form Q1 a€” RCA SK3011 npn transistor or equiv. R1 a€”680-ohm, 1/2-watt resistor R2a€” 10,000-ohm, V2-watt resistor R3a€”47,000-ohm, 1/2-watt resistor

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