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BU406 Silicon Epitaxial-Base Planar NPN Transistor Datasheet

2016-05-07 07:09  
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The BU406 transistor is a Silicon Epitaxial-Base Planar NPN transistor. These devices are used for horizontal deflectionPb free plating product number BU406L TO220Foutput stages of large screens MTV receivers with 110 C CRT.

In the datasheet you will find absolute maximum rating for Collector Base Voltage (Vcbo): 400V, Emitter Base Voltage (Vebo): 6V, Collector Current (Ic): 7A, Base Current (Ib): 4A. Electrical Charactheristics : 70-240 for the DC Current Gain, 1.2V Base Emitter Saturation Voltage, 1V Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage, 0.75us Turn-off Time and 10 MHz Transition Frequency.

Detailed information ofBU406 Si-NPN Transistor DatasheetfromUnisonic Technologiescan be downloaded in 4 pages/153 Kb of pdf filetype.