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Ease H-Bridge on MOSFET IRF7105 transistors

2016-05-09 02:34  
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I think I don’t have to explain what is H-Bridge circuit. Well it is mainly used to drive DC motors that they could be run forward and backwards. Circuit often used in robotics.

Usually there is a need to build small powerful and with good characteristics H-Bridge. One solution is to use IRF7105 p and n channel MOSFET pair coated in SO8 SMD case.


As you can see MOSFET’s have a good characteristics for driving direct current like maximum current is 3.5A for N and 2.3A for P channel. Main thin here is a voltage drop on transistors which depends on Rds resistance.


Controlling is very ease. You may use MCU or any manual switch to produce control levels on F1, F2, B1 and B2 wires:

F1=0, F2=1, B1=0 and B2=1 a€“ motor turns forward;

F1=1, F2=0, B1=1 and B2=0 a€“ motor turns backwards;

F1=1, F2=0, B1=0 and B2=1 a€“ motor stop.

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