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Moisture Activated Relay by Bipolar Transistor

2016-05-08 20:42  
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Today we try to build warn the moistness or Moisture Activated better. Or do go to use be warn it rains. Because of be the circuit is simple. Follow the circuit will think use Bipolar Transistor just one only. When measure touch the moistness make the electric current flows through to pin B of Q1 get then make it works. The Relay as a result work apply the work controls electric other appliances. By the rapidity of this circuit can control with R2 – 1M. If you use power supply the size is 6V-9V. Should use Relay 6V-9V resistance coil sizes about 500ohm. For the transistor use 2N2222 or BC549 or C1815 etc. Then make the circuit s work well sir.

Moisture Activated Relay by Bipolar Transistor

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