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Peal from the transistor

2016-05-06 13:34  
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The work of the circuit,which theTone audio generatorcircuit will distribute to is 2 part, be first part is will the part frequency generator modern by using transistor 2 pcs. build be frequency generator circuit astable multi vibrator which Q1 and Q2 work alternate. When Q1 work LED1 stick lay part C2 begin charge with regard to Q1 and Q2 work alternate will cause the frequency goes up and when C2 charge the full have current flow go to at a pin B of Q2 make Q2 bias LED1 not bright. If Q2 work have current flow through R4 change a pin C go to still a pin E of Q2 down ground make have current flow through R5, R6 go to bias pin B of Q3 make Q3 work PZ1 as a result oud by have C1 will charge full until and when Q2 stop work cause Q3 stop work with, but have voltage from C3 discharge give PZ1 make the loud sound quietly, diminish resemble bell sound.

Peal from the transistor

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