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Radio only 1 transistor without electricity

2016-05-09 03:22  
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Circuit diagram Experts And amateurs have been Experimenting with radios without batteries since the wireless communication started. In many designs we've seen radios that operate without power, but all are known to use the diode 1N34. (Crystal Radio). Although significant improvements have increased the sensitivity and selectivity of these system circuits, Performances were limited until new techniques have emerged. Here we have the first transistor radio that works without batteries, it is powered by random electric fields are everywhere in the atmosphere. These circuits are relatively cheap to manufacture, have more volume and better reception from the crystal radios.

Radio only 1 transistor without electricity
This circuit is a medium wave receiver and attaches easily to frequencies from 500Khz to 11Mhz. To get good results in the reception of radio stations, we should give great importance to the ground and the antenna. To listen to distant and weak stations we have to use a battery 9volt parallel with the capacitor C4 with it's positive side between R2 and C4.
The coils are in the frequency of 500-1500Khz is tight and closely wrapped.
The coils are in frequency of 1.5-11Mhz is more tighter and more closely wrapped.

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