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Timer set for 30 minutes by transistor

2016-05-08 13:23  
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This circuit is based on learning of the discharge and charge of the C, which can be used as a timer circuit and can be applied in the off electrical appliances. The application has also put relay instead of LED can be enabled.

Timer set for 30 minutes by transistor

When you click the switch S1 will cause LED1 light told state ready to run S2 is a timer switch. On press switch S2 current will flow to the C1 charge fully. Then to discharge out through R2 to limit current flow to the bias fortransistorQ1. Q1 and Q2, which work together to Darlington Compound. To have growth rates high to drive the LED2 light over time as C1 discharge all Q1 and Q2 stops LED2 is off if you want the timer circuit is longer. Then add the C1 and if you want a little time. to reduce it to C1.

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