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Transistor Disconnecting Circuit Using Inductance Stored Ene

2016-05-06 21:42  
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Transistor Disconnecting Circuit Using Inductance Stored Energy
The picture shows the transistor disconnecting circuit using inductance stored energy. In the circuit shown in picture (a), during the transistor VT1 conducted time, the current IL, which is through the inductance L is IL, would change to be the peak current Ip after the VT1 conducting. Ip=U1TON/Lo. When the VT1 is disconnected, for keeping the current, the reverse current Ib2, which is through the VT2 base electrode, peak current would be Ip. This would accelerate the VT1's switching time. For this kind of circuit, because the reverse current Ib2 and the transistor conducted time TON are proportional, it would not get enough reverse current when the pulse is narrow.