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Transistor Ignition circuit diagram

2016-05-06 16:50  
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This transistor ignition circuit give your car to have better starting and smoother running, particularly at very high and very low RPM. Lower fuel consumption, less pollution, lower servicing costs. Drive economically, drive electronically. Only for petrol/gasoline engines. This circuit will reduce breaker point wear and provide cleaner spark.

Circuit diagram:

Transistor Ignition circuit

Wiring diagram with the vehicles:

Transistor Ignition circuit

This circuit used for cars with negative ground 12V negative ground system, maximum ignition current of 4A and maximum switching speed 500KHz. Motorcycles, mowers, boats, etc can also use this circuit.

For 6V Negative ground system, change the following resistors:

R1, R2: 150 ohm / 1WR3 : 68 ohm / 1/4WR4 : 100 ohm / 1/4WR5, R6, R7: 68 ohm / 1W



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