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Unijunction Transistor Constitutive Thyristor Trigger Circui

2016-05-07 09:10  
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Unijunction Transistor Constitutive Thyristor Trigger Circuit
The thyristor trigger circuit composed of unijunction transistor is showed as the picture 1 and its voltage waveform is showed as the picture.Compared with relaxation oscillation circuit composed of unijunction transistor,the oscillating parts are same.Synchronous can be realized through improving power circuit.Sinusoidal alternating current bucks when it passes through the synchronous transformer T,changes into low ac voltage and then it changes into pulsing dc when it goes through diode rectifier bridge. The voltage regulator tube VW and resistor,RW's function is to clip and VW is off when pulsating voltage is lower than voltage regulator tube's voltage and both terminals' voltage is equal to rectifier output voltage.