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10M Dsb Qrp Transmitter With Vfo Circuit

2016-04-11 11:17  
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The three schematics represent three building blocks for a 10-meter SSB transmitter. Or these blocks can be used separately as circuit modules for other transmitters. The VFO board uses an FET transmittal oscillator, the VFO signal is mixed in an NE602 mixer and is amplified by Q2 to a level sufficient to drive an SBL-1 mixer in the transmit mixer stage ( 7 to 10 dBm). In the balance mixer/modulator board, an 11-MHz crystal oscillator drives a diode balanced mixer.
10M Dsb Qrp Transmitter With Vfo Circuit

Audio for modulation purposes is also fed to this mixer. The DSB signal feeds a 28-MHz BPF. The 1-W amplifier board consists of a 3-stage amplifier and transmit/receive switching circuitry.

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