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1,5V Simple FM Transmitter

2016-04-06 11:48  
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1,5V Simple FM Transmitter1,5V Simple FM Transmitter circuit

This simple FM (frequency modulation) transmitter is powered only by a 1.5V battery and uses only one frequency of this transmitter transistor.The is controlled by the LC resonant circuit and operates from 80 to 110 MHz

The inductor L1 is 8 turns of wire wound magnetic No. 22 with diameter of 4 to 5 cm or the diameter of a pencil. The antenna is a 6-inch cable connected to the copper half of the L1 inductor.Other parts are not critical and can be replaced by their nearest value. Resistance 1 / 4 watt ceramic capacitor type and, except for electrolytic capacitor 10uF. 5-60pF capacitor is a type of court or variable rate. Advertisement: