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4W FM Transmitter Circuit

2016-04-11 02:10  
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Here the circuit diagram of 4W FM Transmitter circuit, amplified by transistor 2N2219. This FM transmitter works at carrier frequency  of 88~108MHz.

Parts List:The resistors are 1/4W.R1, R2 = 10K OhmR3 = 47 OhmC1, C2 = 1nFC3 = 4,7uF/16VC4, C7, C8 = 0~45pF trimmerC5, C6 = 10pFC9 = 100nFL1 = 4 turns, 7mm diameter *L3 = 3 turns, 7mm diameter *L4 = 5 turns, 7mm diameter *L2 = RFC (resistance 1MOhm with wrapped around her inductor of enough coils from fine isolated wire. Scratch of utmost inductor and you stick in utmost the resistance making thus a parallel L-r circuit.)T1, T2 = 2N2219ANT = Simple dipole l/2.