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500Hz Modulated Ultrasonic Transmitter

2016-04-07 15:08  
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Figure 1 

Ultrasonic oscillations which are generated by unmodulated ultrasonic transmitters commonly for remote control are usually affected from other ultrasonic sources in the media and that’s why we are giving a 500Hz modulated ultrasonic transmitter circuit here.

Voltage supply of the circuit is 9 Volts and any change of the value will change the frequency also. You can omit this difference by connecting a resistor between A and B nodes. You can find the value of the resistor by using this formula:


Figure 2 

The multivibrator generates 500Hz modulation frequency. To avoid the frequency differences , tolerance of the circuit should not exceed %5.

If the circuit components changed, then the frequency can be determined by using the formula below,


Figure 3 

If C1 and C3 are nanofarads then R2 and R3 will be magaohms.

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