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5W PLL FM transmitter circuit

2016-04-03 01:17  
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5W PLL FM transmitter circuit
Here's 5W PLL FM transmitter circuit . This ambit uses the accustomed 2SC1971 for final ability amplifier stage. Click angel beneath for enlarge the ambit schematic.

The PLL controller of the FM transmitter use SAA1057 and PIC16F628 (download HEX file). If appetite to change the alive component, here's the list:

2SC2458 = BC547
2SA1048 = BC557
2SK192 = J310
2SB562 = BD136, BD138, BD140
2SC1923 = BF199 of BRF91 2SC1923 = BF199 or BRF91
2SC2053 = BRF96
2SB1135 = BD136, BD138, BD140
MV2105-09 = BB105, BB119

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for this FM transmitter circuit is 155 mm x 120 mm. All coils are 0.8 mm copper wire with a 6 mm diameter. Please see parts used from schematic.