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AM Transmitter Circuit

2016-04-07 01:05  
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Simple Quality AM Transmitter Circuit

TheAM transmitter circuitis designed to work on the broadcast band (530KHz-1700KHz). This is a high quality AM transmitter that is easy to build and adjust. The radio transmitter has a stable output frequency with excellent fidelity, because it is built using the broadcast band crystal.

Other features also complement the AM transmitter is an output meter that allows you to put a reasonable signal level and check the antenna tuning while on the air. A simple audio mixer has been prepared for several audio sources like CD players, MP3 players, and tape recorder. This is the first step towards a low-power AM transmitter professional.

AM Transmitter Block Diagram

Below is an AM transmitter block diagram is simple to understand, the audio from microphone to antenna or aerial. Here is an explanation block diagram of AM transmitter:

AM Transmitter Circuit-Block Diagram

AM Transmitter Circuit-Block Diagram

Audio: an audio block is set regarding processing of audio and voice-related quality of audio. This usually consists of control channels, audio amplifiers, and audio processor (on a commercial press).AM Modulator: this block is where the modulation amplitude of the RF carrier from the oscillator does. Audio signal is modulated onto a radio frequency carrier to the modulation stage. By varying the modulation can be (height) the amplitude of the carrier is known as amplitude modulation (AM).RF Oscillator: here defined frequency or frequency range in which the transmitter will operate, in order to avoid interference to other frequencies or frequency bands. For commercial purposes, you must have a registered license.RF Power: The signal amplitude modulation which has a deviation is permitted will be strengthened in this block. Of the power of reinforcement will be categorized from low to high power. The higher the power is emitted, the more stringent requirements of the RF filter. The next stage of the signal will be emitted through the correctly matched antenna to the entire coverage area.

AM Transmitter Circuit Diagram

Below you will find a simpleAM transmitter circuit, near-professional AM transmitter can be built. This transmitter works in the broadcast band uses a crystal oscillator according to the frequency that you want to operate. This transmitter requires a voltage to operate from 15V DC power supply., with a maximum output power of 100mW (legal limit)

High Quality AM Transmitter

The transmitter is equipped with a mini audio mixer and signal level meter. For more information, how the transmitter is constructed and configured you can download it at the following linkAM Transmitter. This is a good transmitter project, especially for beginners who want to build a transmitter of a qualityAM transmitter circuit.

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