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AM transmitter circuit exhibits

2016-04-11 11:12  
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This article is amplitude modulation transmitter circuit show. By convention, in order to better grasp the principles you are, we recommend you to combine text read schematics. Before looking at the schematic, note: dashed line shows the extra rows if the 3 pin connection filter is used instead. Figure: The circuit is the transmitter using ceramic  resonator / filter  of 3.587 MHz is presented here. Resonator / filter frequencies such as 5.5 MHz, 7 MHz and 10.7 MHz may be used. Use a different frequency filters / resonators will involve corresponding values ??of physical quantities used in inductive energy storage circuit connected to the collector of transistor oscillator T1. AF input modulation insert series with emitter transistor T1 (and resistor R4) using a transistor radio type audio driver transformer as shown in the circuit. Modulated RF output is developed in the oscillation circuit tunable resonant frequency of the filter / resonator with the help of gang condenser C7. The next two stages of the formation of a low-noise RF transistor BF495 is the fact that parallel the amplified modulated signal is coupled from the collector of transistor T1 to T2 and T3, the transistor base. The combined output from the collector T2 and T3 fed antenna through 100 pf capacitor C4. This circuit can be easily fitted in a generic PCB. The range will be one to two kilometers. 9-volt circuit requires regulated power for its operation. If you are a first reading on this principle, we recommend that you carefully read several times in order to better fully grasp this simple but effective circuit.


Powerful AM transmitter

Powerful AM transmitter

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