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BA1404 FM stereo transmitter

2016-04-07 03:27  
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BA1404 is a IC designed for fm mini stereo transmitters. It can be used as a pc fm transmitter, ipod fm transmitter, mp3 transmitter or even car fm transmitter because it has a small pcb dimension ( can fit anyplace ) and maximum 3V power supply.

It has a good frequency stability due the high quality 3.5 turns coil and a crystal clear stereo sound and improved sound separation due the use of38 KHz crystalwhich provides rock solid frequency forstereo encoder.
The capacitors have to be as close as possible to a BA1404 chip and a variable coil because this will improve the sound quality, sound separation and even frequency stability as well.
Dimensions of the PCB should be 57 mm x 35 mm (W x H).

The range of thisBA1404 transmitterdepends of the length and type of the antenna, it must be 1/2 Lambda or 1 x Lambda ( around 1.5 meters long ) and made from copper. Beside this, the range is affected by the elevation of the antenna, weather conditions and line of sight.
If you need to cover a larger area connect an external amplifier to thisfm wireless transmitter for mp3 player. You can find in this site by searching for it.

BA1404 FM transmitter circuit diagram


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