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FM Transmitter Circuit

2016-04-11 11:58  
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PLL Synthesized FM Transmitter Circuit

FM transmitter has become a popular hobby these days. From a simple FM transmitter to the digitalFM transmitter circuit, has gained knowledge can be built with PIC programming. So an FM transmitter made ??compact and controlled by a microcontroller.

A simple FM transmitter can be used as a wireless microphone (FM bugs). And can also be used as a medium for delivering audio around the home environment or a small FM transmitter station. This became a fun hobby for the RF hobby, can make or assemble an FM transmitter.

Below is a circuit diagram of stereo FM transmitter where you can experiment with it. The FM transmitter have been equipped with a stereo encoder in order to deliver the second channel audio sources. However, most important is its frequency stability because it uses a phase locked loop (PLL) as an oscillator or known as PLL synthesized FM transmitter. Ths transmitter can works in the 88-108 MHz FM broadcast band.

FM Transmitter Circuit Diagram

For educational purposes, you can explore on thisFM transmitter circuit. The heart of the PLL is an IC MC145151-2 single modulus and a frequency divider IC 74F160. Here is the block diagram and? the transmitter circuit schematic.

MPX96 FM Transmitter Circuit Board

MPX96 PLL FM Transmitter Circuit

MPX96 PLL FM Transmitter Circuit

Determination of the frequency of the oscillator follows the calculation of a binary number and pin set at 11-20, 24 of the IC MC145151-2 which can be switched on / off. Stereo encoder uses a balance modulator IC MC1496. This transmitter has a transmission range of about 50-200 feet using 11-15V from a regulated DC power supply.

Here is a link if you’re interested to explore how to make a PLL FM transmitter. You can follow the following link PLL FM transmitter. Happy studying and experimenting transmitter of a goodFM transmitter circuit.

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