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Introduce the principle of FM transmitter Bug

2016-04-04 22:00  
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 This article is to introduce the principle FM transmitter Bug. The principle of combining text comprehension is a good suggestion. This small transmitter uses a Hartley oscillator. Typically, the storage capacitor circuit connected to the base of the transistor, but in the VHF base-emitter capacitance of the transistor as a short circuit, so in fact, it still is. Turn wire wound coil is four quarter-inch of 18 swg before. Taps antenna is a half-turn from the supply side. Audio sensitivity is very good when using ECM microphone inserted. The FM transmitter is an important component is  BC547 .BC547 have what characteristics:
• NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors.
• These transistors are subdivided into three groups A, B and C according to their current gain. The type BC546 is available in groups A and B, however, the types BC547 and BC548 can be supplied in all three groups. The BC549 is a low -noise type and available in groups B and C. As complementary types, the PNP transistors BC556 ... BC559 are recommended.
• On special request, these transistors are also manufactured in the pin configuration TO-18.


FM  Transmitter Bug




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