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Mini FM Transmitter using MAX2606

2016-04-10 08:36  
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Mini FM Transmitter using MAX2606
With MAX2606 you can make a Mini mono FM transmitter. It is built with MAX2606 and covers at least 20 meters with 1.5 m length of copper wire antenna. You can use this transmitter as an oscillator, but change the 1000pF capacitor of the antenna with 15pF.

MAX2606 transmitter output power is-10dBm, which means something around 100uW (micro-watts) = 0.0001. Of course this is very low, so it is recommended the use of auxiliary power amplifier, if you want to build a more powerful transmitter based on MAX2606. You can find a power amplifier in a few fm electroschematics.com so please use the search box. Advertisement: