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Resistance Thermometer Current Loop Transmitter (LM111)

2016-04-09 07:39  
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Resistance temperature sensor(RTD, resistive temperature device)? comes inNTC(negative temperature coefficient) andPTC(positive temperature coefficient) forms. Aschematic diagrambelow show asignal conditionercircuit for suchthermometer. This sensor conditioning circuit works in current mode (current loop) and theamplifierinside gives a current output that is? inversely proportional with the sensor’s resistance.

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Resistance Thermometer Transmitter circuit schematic diagram

Thistemperature transmittercircuit isloop powered, so you don’t have to provide separate power supply wires for power supply and for the output signal. Provide cable pair to supply the circuit at theremote, then measure the current to get the sensor’s temperature reading. Measuring the current can be done by passing the loop through a small resistor at the receiver side (at the power supply side) and measure the voltage drop across the resistor to get the temperature value.

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