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Show FM transmitter (15 watts) circuit

2016-04-03 02:43  
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The following shows the FM transmitter (15 watts) circuits. The circuit is very simple, and very practical. Recommend Duokanjibian The schematic in order to master this principle. I hope to be helpful to your work. Before you read this diagram, in order to better grasp the principle, perhaps you can first look at some of the important components of the circuit. 

It’s stable and has output of 15-18 watts. This enough to terrorize your wide surroundings at the fm-band.The most often used technique to connect the components to each other is soldering them on a double sided copper-board. Another way is connecting the components floating. It is cheaper but very tricky. Below you see the copper-board layout(PCB ).

Full size PCB:

To get this pattern in copper surface you use a acid bath. Use a water-resistant permanent marker to paint your own copper-board black in the pattern the shown above. Color the back side ompletely black. The grid-squares are 0,5*0,5 cm each.

When the acid has eaten the non-painted copper away you must remove the complet thin layer of black paint with sandpaper. Don’t remove too much copper with it.

This picture is the coldwater-version… For the detailled version:



For readable version:


There are some components that need extra attention. Transistors usually have 3 or 4 different
wires comin’ out. If you connect these wires in the wrong way the transmitter won’t work. It may even explode. The picture below shows how to prevent from such an event.



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