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Show a small FM transmitter circuit

2016-04-06 10:54  
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Below is a small display FM transmitter circuit. The circuit is very simple, and very practical. Recommend Duokanjibian The schematic in order to master this principle. I hope to be helpful to your work. There is nothing critical. In order to get a little tuning coil can put 4-40pF trimmer capacitor  (optional) parallel in 1μH coil, L1. C1 / C4 and C5 / C6 is a ceramic capacitor, preferably fasting (low noise) type. C2 / C3 is electrolytic or can be tantalum types. Antenna is only a 12 "cable or a piano wire from 6" 12. "Discovery signal receiver, ensure that there is a signal into the microphone, otherwise the circuit will not work and I put this clock's microphone to pick up a resounding motivation. 

Small FM Transmitter

R1,R3 = 100K
   R2 = 10K
   R4 = 470 ohm
C1,C4 = 470pF
C2,C3 = 4.7μF, 16V, electrolytic
C5,C6 = 4.7pF
   C7 = 4-40pF trimmer cap (optional, see text)
   L1 = 1μH
Q1,Q2 = 2N2222, NPN transistor
  Mic = Electret Microphone
   B1 = 9 Volt, Alkaline battery


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