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Show stereo FM transmitter circuit

2016-04-02 03:25  
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The following shows a stereo FM transmitter circuit. The circuit is very simple, and very practical. Recommend Duokanjibian The schematic in order to master this principle. I hope to be helpful to your work. In order to better grasp the principle, perhaps you may want to look at some of the important components of the circuit:  BA1404 . It will send a good quality sound in the FM band (88 - 108 mhz). An important item is the operation of the IC chip 3 volts DC. The chip will be destroyed, if it is to operate any voltage higher than 3.5 volts. The antenna can be a standard retractable antenna or a 2-foot-long cord. Enter in the millivolt range and you may need to add additional pot input. 

FM Stereo Transmitter



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