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Single Chip FM Transmitter, For Short Range Application

2016-04-03 10:07  
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The FM transmitter circuit here works in the broadcast band 88 to 108MHz, and can be used to broadcast audio signals for remote listening. The output power is around -21dBm, and the circuit operates with 3V power supply. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit:

small fm transmitter circuit schematic diagram

If you want to carry out your portable sound system around the house, this simple FM transmitter can be applied to links your mp3 player or your home-entertainment system. For example, if you want enjoy your favorites song in the backyard while doing barbecue, you can play your CD or MP3 player in your room and broadcast with this FM transmitter. All you need in the backyard is tuning your portable FM radio receiver to the music. [Source: MAXIM Integrated Product Application Notes]


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