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Small FM transmitter circuit

2016-04-02 16:29  
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This article describes a small FM transmitter circuit. Schematics can combine text look better grasp of this principle. The FM transmitter frequency is about 80 至 115 mhz. In justified cases you will be able to receive the signal distance of about 200 meters. It depends on your use electret microphone, you might not be you silent R preamplifier gain settings. According ask lc part (usually not very good when using existing SMD parts) you may have to re-bias the final stage of the circuit. You can use the coil inductance a  ECM45T  series. Here you candownload PCB design (only 2.5 kb). It is a double-sided PCB drawing software in 3.0 format (zip compression). 

Here’s the circuit:




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