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Strain bridge current transmitter circuit diagram composed o

2016-04-11 16:33  
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Strain bridge current transmitter circuit diagram composed of XTR115 precision current transmitter
Strain bridge current transmitter circuit composed of XTR115 is shown as the chart. Pin 3 will be regarded as public place, pin 1 will provide +2.5 V power supply to the strain bridge. Pre-amplifier uses TL061 single op amp (also uses OPA2277 dual op amp, only one op amp), the +5 V regulator will provide power the op amp by itself. R1 is 20kΩ input resistor, C is the noise reduction capacitor, VT is the external NPN power transistor, which can select 2N4922, TIP29C, TIP31B models. it set 2N4922 as an example, the main parameters UCEO = 60V, ICM = 1A, PCM = 30W. The circuit working principle: when the force is on the specimen, the voltage signal output by strain bridge firstly passes through the pre-amplifier and changes into the 0.8 ~ 4V input voltage UI, and then it is input current of 40μA ~ 200μA II converted by the RI, at last it will be amplified 100 times by the XTR115 and obtains 4 ~ 20mA current.